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  • About Kathryn’s Wedding Veils

    About Kathryn’s Wedding Veils

    My mom taught me to sew when I was young, and though it took time to begin to appreciate the artistry, I soon began to really enjoy sewing. I sewed everything – dresses, shirts, repairs, tablecloths, napkins – but it wasn’t until one of my dear friends came to me for help that I considered creating wedding veils. She had a […]

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  • Contact Kathryn

    Contact Kathryn

    Are you interested in having your own unique veil? Have an idea in your head but can’t find a veil that matches your dream? I can help! Contact me anytime: Phone: 607-342-4324 Email: Kathryn’s Custom Veils

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  • What Kind of Veil is Best? Indoors vs. Outdoors

    What Kind of Veil is Best? Indoors vs. Outdoors

    Indoor or outdoor wedding? Depending on your preference, you may want to re-think what type of veil you get. Outdoor weddings can be very beautiful, relatively inexpensive, and are much easier to decorate than indoor weddings, so if you’re outdoorsy yourself, it just makes sense to have your wedding outside! The typical concern with an outdoor wedding is weather. You probably […]

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