What Kind of Veil is Best? Indoors vs. Outdoors

I designed and created my sister-in-law's veil for her beach wedding. I'd love to help you get the veil of your dreams!

Indoor or outdoor wedding? Depending on your preference, you may want to re-think what type of veil you get.

Outdoor weddings can be very beautiful, relatively inexpensive, and are much easier to decorate than indoor weddings, so if you’re outdoorsy yourself, it just makes sense to have your wedding outside!

The typical concern with an outdoor wedding is weather. You probably won’t want a cathedral-length veil, which could pick up grass, sand, or whatever else is on the ground, so you’ll need something shorter than you.

If it’s a breezy day, everyone may feel comfortable…but if your veil doesn’t have trimming or beadwork helping weigh it down, you could end up with tulle blowing in your mouth as you’re trying to say your vows. Not fun!

Make sure that your veil has some type of trimming on the edges – beadwork, heavy ribbon edging, ribbon and pearls, lace edging, or a chain rhinestone band. Coordinate with your dress, but in doing so, ensure that there’s some weight within the veil design!

Indoor weddings can be very elegant, your wedding can be at any time of year, and if you’re allergic to the outdoors (like me), you can still have a lovely day. There are two things to consider for an indoor veil:

  • Your gown. You want to choose a length of veil, and design on the veil that will coordinate closest with your wedding gown – which is the fabulous part of a custom wedding veil!
  • Your schedule. Will there be lots of dancing? Lots of hugs? A cathedral length veil will look gorgeous in your wedding pictures, but you don’t want your veil stepped on when dancing, and if your family and friends are ‘huggy’ people, your head is going to get sore from being tugged on every time someone gives you a hug and catches you veil a little too tightly.

If you still want a cathedral-length veil, a simple solution is to remove it before the reception to avoid it being stepped on or pinched by enthusiastic family members. Alternately, an indoor environment means a veil of any length or weight will be suitable for the ceremony.

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