Why Get A Custom Veil?

Let’s face it – your wedding day isn’t an off-the-rack kind of day. You want it to stand out in every way, and you just can’t do it as well wearing the same things every other bride has. Here are some of the great reasons to order a custom veil:

  • You’re supporting a local business! If you need to get ahold of Kathryn for adjustments, questions, or advice, she’s available via email, text, or even in-person visits.
  • With a customized veil, you’ll never have to feel like you’re settling on a veil. You can be sure the one you wear is one you love!
  • Because the person working with you on your design is the one who is making it, you don’t have to worry about communications issues.
  • There also aren’t any extra staff members, so you’re getting the most affordable possible rates.

I’m excited about helping you have a magical wedding day! If you can dream it, I can do it!*

*powers limited to creating fantastic clothing and accessories

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