A two-layered veil trimmed with ribbon.


Tiers aren’t just for cakes! There are a few different tier options for your veil, as well.

A single tier is considered simple, but it can be as elegant as you’d like, depending on your decorations and edging. Single tiers are best for veils decorated with scattered rhinestones, detailed beadwork, or a lace-edged veil, as it will really allow the intricacies to shine! They’ll also look good in any length. A blusher can be added, and once it is thrown back, the single-tier will instantly become a double-tier veil!

You don’t have to have a blusher to have a double-tiered veil, though. You can keep two layers back the entire time to provide more depth to your veil’s design. Double-tiered veils look especially pretty with decorative edging that helps each layer stand out.

There’s no need to stop at two layers! You can have a triple-tiered (or more) veil. These work best with cathedral-length or longer veils, as there will be enough space between each tier to allow them all to shine. The third tier is typically a blusher which converts into the third tier. Again, you can make these as elegant as you’d like – just remember that the heavier your veil is, the stronger your neck needs to be!

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